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Geodetic, Boundary, Topographic, Construction Layout and Construction Staking


GPS Surveys


Horizontal/Vertical Control for Mapping

Property Boundary Corner Locations


Site Improvement Locations


Mapping Surveys


Surveyor's Real Property Report


Plat of Legal Descriptions


As a Civil Engineering firm we have experience designing many different types of systems and structures to meet the needs of our clients and welcome the challenge of working on your project.

Transportation: Highways, Streets, Roads, Parking Facilities


Municipal: GIS Mapping, Bridge Design, Wastewater Treatment, Sewer Collection and Lift Stations, Water Distribution Systems, Elevated Water Tanks


Hydrology/Hydraulics: Flood Analysis and Routing, Storm Water Analysis and Design, Lake Dams, Stormwater Detention


Site Development: Commercial Site Plans, Residential and Industrial Development, Feasibility Studies, Subdivision Planning, Grading, Sewer, Water, Storm, Dam and Wetland Design

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